What does it mean to be a Walking Ticket?

Not your ordinary brand,
we are creatives on the road to riches.

Walking Ticket Co. is the based on the idea of
having fun while making millions.
Here at the brand, we live by the three M's: Money, Memories and Motion. We plan on leaving our mark on the streetwear
community by putting our best foot forward in quality and
unique design.

"Live life for the passion first and for the money later." -Tyler Cozart

  • CEO

    Tyler Cozart is a 20 year old creative with a passion for streetwear and graphic design. His unique creativity is put directly into his clothing. As he explores different and experimental styles through the brand, he wants to leave his mark on the market forever.

  • Embro x Walking Ticket Collab

    Our F/W 2022 photoshoot was a collaboration between Embro Industries and Walking Ticket Co. Creative director Jason Vaughn chose a Basketball themed shoot to show off our Real tree camo mesh shorts. Other pieces featured in the photo shoot are our "Twin Sisters" fullzip and our classic "War n Peace" hoodie. All photos were taken and edited by Strikerstudios.

  • New Release

    We have released our "Global Assassin" rhinestone Tees. Join our SMS or email list to be notified every drop day!